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Why Choose the Michael Phelps Swim School?

Summer is around the corner and thoughts typically turn to swimming. The Michael Phelps Swim School (formerly known as the North Baltimore Swim School) have been helping children learn to swim and feel safe in the water for over 20 years. Our location at Meadowbrook in Mt. Washington enables our school to work on swim skills year round - not just in the summer.

Why choose the Michael Phelps Swim School? Why focus on swimming year round instead of the few weeks prior to the summer?

Our philosophy is focused on blending how children learn and grow with the four B’s of swimming (buoyancy, balance, body position, and breath control). To us, swimming is a process that takes time, much like learning a math skill that can be built on and further developed. It is more than learning to swim for the summer. It is about developing a skill that can be used for life.  

As we teach we think about how children learn and grow. We think about:

Why do children do certain things at certain times?

What are they thinking?

What is fear and how can we work through it?

How can we build trust?

How can we give each swimmer time to feel comfortable with a skill before challenging them to to the next level of comfort?

Learning to swim is a process.

The first step to that process is to help our swimmers (young and old) to understand the properties of water. It is our goal to teach our swimmers how the water will help them swim and how the water can keep them safe. Teaching a child to swim with their head in the water is one of the first steps to allow them to feel comfortable and in control when in the water.

All of our instructors are versed on the best swimming techniques and skills. They know that helping a swimmer find their own buoyancy in the water and showing them how to make subtle changes to ensure comfort is of utmost importance when learning to swim. They know that correct body position sets up the ability to perform proper strokes. Stroke dynamics may change as a child grows, but with a true understanding of buoyancy, balance and good breath control, the stroke changes are relatively simple to make.

At Michael Phelps Swimming, we are working to make sure children and adults are comfortable, confident, and safe in the water. We know that every swimmer has different goals, and we work hard to give them the tools they need to improve. Learning to swim is a process - and it’s fun!


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