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General Information Adult Group Lessons

To register for Adult Group Lessons, please fill out the form at the front desk. If you do not see one please contact us at Meadowbrook. 410-433-8300. If you would like one emailed to you, please contact Leslie. Registration can be completed via email.

Adult Group Lessons are available weekend afternoons and a limited number of weekday mornings. When you sign up you will be signing up to take lessons throughout the year. You will have your spot until:
  • You decide to move to another time
  • Your swimming changes level
  • You decide to take a break
We look forward to working with you.

Adult Group Lessons Overview

These lessons are designed with the adult who is new to swimming, or new to using swimming for fitness, competition or fundraising events. Classes at this level are 30 minutes of instruction, followed by 30 minutes of independent swimming and practice time in the pool where lessons take place. We find that adults benefit greatly from having the opportunity to spend time immediately after instruction to experiment with the skills and techniques they learn. Additional practice speeds adult learning exponentially. To use Meadowbrook pools outside of your lesson time, ask about membership at the front desk. We offer group lessons for adults without any swimming experience, with some swimming experience, and for swimmers who are more advanced but still want to fine tune and get stronger.

Adult Beginner

This course is for those without swimming experience or whose swimming experiences are uncomfortable.  A small group of peers and a caring, competent instructor will provide just enough support and encouragement to create positive experiences of the water.  Progressive confidence building in shallow, warm water makes this class a very gentle introduction, or re-introduction to swimming. Swimmers will be challenged, in a safe, non-threatening environment. themselves by trying new things. 

The focus is on basic water skills such as assisted and unassisted floating, kicking and rhythmic breathing. Swimmers will become comfortable with their heads underwater, and develop confidence about how the water holds their bodies. As swimmers gain confidence, parts of the lesson may be taken to the cooler and deeper pool. Our experience has been that adults who make a four month commitment to lessons and practice three or more times per week become fit, confident and competent enough to swim full laps and tread water within that time.

Adult Advanced Beginner

Adult Advanced Beginners are comfortable in the water, able to completely submerge, and can float on their front and back. They can move from one end of the pool to the other, but may not be confident about how swimming and breathing works, and may not be sure they are swimming “correctly”.  

The emphasis in Beginner is on development of confidence and feel for the water. Adults are classified “Beginners” until they are swimming freestyle and demonstrating effective rotary breathing, can swim 25 meters without stopping and tread water for 60 seconds. Other strokes may be introduced to support learning the freestyle, especially backstroke. Our experience has been that adults who make a four month commitment to lessons and practice three or more times per week become fit, confident and competent enough to swim a continuous mile. 

Adult Intermediate Swimmers

Adult Intermediate Swimmers are honing their freestyle stroke as other competitive strokes are systematically and progressively introduced. Swimmers learn the complete strokes and some drills that make those strokes more powerful.  Emphasis is on solidifying competent and comfortable, relaxed breathing in all strokes. Butterfly and breaststroke are introduced. They should be able to demonstrate rotary breathing, have mastered the air exchange process and be able to swim 1500 meters continuously (a mile) in an hour. Intermediate Swimmers may develop specific personal goals around speeds per distance, distance per time, and/or continuous time or distance swimming. Coaches will help swimmers devise attainable goals for their time commitment. We will work to improve Breath Control, Buoyancy, Balance, and Body Position, and to learn the other strokes. 

A $35 per family Registration Fee every 12 months
Group lessons: $150 per month...hour long lessons
Semi Private Lessons: $120 per swimmer per month.. 30 minute lessons
Private Lessons: $150 per month...30 minute lesson

We offer a 10% sibling/family discount, applied to the least expensive lesson type. Meadowbrook Seasonal Family Memberships will also receive a 15% discount each month, applied to the least expensive lesson type.

First charges include the Registration Fee and the pro rated amount for the first month. A credit card is required for this first payment. Payment is made for the exact number of classes left in the month. The auto pay system using a credit card (VISA, MC,Discover, AMEX) or by setting up an ACH payment with your bank. Billing occurs on the first of each month for the appropriate amount according to the type of lesson.

If you decide to “take a break” you must complete a Cancellation Form 30 days in advance.
Make Ups
We will not be offering make ups for our group lessons. We feel that swimmers learn best when they attend their regularly scheduled class. We encourage weekly attendance.  If you know you will be missing a specific day, inquire and you may be able to attend class on a different day that week, or on an additional day the following week, if classes are not completely full.

In the case of a medical issue we will give you a credit for a missed class. To receive the credit, a doctors note must be presented, please include the class day and time. If an coach cannot teach a class we will have another trained and experienced MPSS coach teach the class.

We will be offering make ups for Private and Semi Private lessons. If an instructor has to miss a Private or Semi Private lesson you will be given a make up lesson at a mutually agreed upon time. If you miss a private or semi private lesson you will be eligible for credit for one missed lesson from September 2016 – December 2016,  January 2017 – May 2017 and June 2017 – August 2017. You will also be eligible for one credit from June 1 – August 17, 2015. Medical excuses follow the same protocol as group lessons.

Please note: in a semi private, in order to be eligible for a credit both parties must miss the lesson.

Cancellations by MPSwim School
If we have to close the pool for any reason, you will receive a credit for the missed class. If a coach misses a class he/she will find an experienced Michael Phelps Swim School instructor to teach the class. If your coach must miss a private or semi private lesson you will be given a credit.

Adult Group Lessons Schedule

Beginner:   Wednesday 6 - 7 am, Friday 6-7 am, Saturday 2 - 3 pm, Sunday 3 - 4 pm

Adult  Advanced Beginners: Wednesday 7 - 8 am, Friday 7 - 8 am, Saturday 3 - 4 pm, Sunday 4 - 5 pm 

Adult Intermediates: Wednesday 8 - 9 am, Friday 8 - 9am

Beyond Adult Group Lessons

Adult Swimmers of all levels are encouraged to have fun and keep learning. More practice leads to quicker learning. If you need a place to practice, stop at the front desk and inquire about Meadowbrook membership.

Adult Swimmers can continue to grow through: Intro to Masters and Masters classes, in our Open Water for Beginners and other Clinics, and with a personal aquatics trainer who can create customized workouts to help you achieve your new swimming and fitness goals.


We have several major holidays built into the system so if you are to miss a class due to one of our planned holidays you will not be charged for that lesson. If the pool has to close for weather or any other problem you will not be charged for the lesson that was missed.

Major Holidays for the 2015 – 2016 Season
  • Nov 21 - 27, 2016
  • Dec 19, 2016 – Jan 8, 2017
  • Jan 16, 2017
  • February 20, 2017
  • April 12 - 18, 2017
  • May 27 - 31, 2017
  • July 4, 2017
  • August 21 – September 10,2017 (Group lessons only)
Call us at Meadowbrook for more information on current and upcoming programs.

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