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Adult Swim Programming at MPSS

Michael Phelps Swimming at Meadowbrook Aquatic Center offers diverse swim programming for adults. The Michael Phelps Swim School (MPSS) is a Baltimore based, learn-to-swim and swimming development program, for all ages and abilities. Swim classes include personal safety, stroke development, water sports and games, personal growth, and rescue skills. The top priority of the MPSS curriculum is to insure that each participant has an opportunity to become comfortable, confident, and safe in and around the water.

“The beginner’s program is a great way to create opportunities for more people to get in the water and participate, regardless of their current ability and comfort level.”

          — Michael Phelps

Absolute beginner swimmers may choose to begin with weekly private lessons or with the more flexible scheduling available through aquatic personal training and coaching.  Competitive swimmers of all ages and those who want to become competitive may also benefit from focused and personalized one-on-one coaching and training which is billed as aquatic personal training. Other programs vary according to the skill level of the swimmer, the time commitment of participants, coach/participant ratio and length of program commitment.

Michael Phelps Swim School provides a learning environment where swimmers will become comfortable and confident in the water. We stress the 4 - B's and adult social and physical growth and development.

We believe that swimming is a perfect activity or sport for people of all ages, with all levels of ability and disability. We are interested in making sure that individuals have the foundation and good training to allow the water to be an enjoyable and fun place to be. Participants are encouraged to find fitness allies and friends who may choose to train with them, or simply cheer them on as they achieve their swimming goals.

Proper equipment may add your enjoyment of our swim programming. Swim caps are optional, but are good at keeping hair away from your face. They also provide extra warmth.  Goggles are optional but may be helpful.

Every swimmer learns and develops their proficiency at their own rates. We cannot predict how long it may take for you to make specific gains. But you can accelerate the process by giving yourself time between sessions to practice anything you learn - especially the things that are hard, or do no come naturally to you.

Be patient with yourself. Many of the suggestions that we give you to improve will seem redundant.  Our experience suggests that success is an accumulation of specific, incremental improvements.

Call us at Meadowbrook for more information on current and upcoming programs.

Swim School Policies

A $30 fee will be charged for returned check or declined CREDIT CARD .

Programs for adults are typically between 45 minutes and 3 hours in length. Each program has a different maximum participant/coach ration. Classes offer drop-in opportunities and rates, but other programs do not. Due to the nature of programs and in consideration of all participants, we will follow a curriculum. We may not be able to review all of the material for late joiners. We will do our best to be accomodating

We reserve the right to cancel any program with insufficient enrollment.

Classes are filled on a first come-first serve basis. Payment must be received to reserve a place in lessons.

Consistency is a powerful tool of change. Give yourself the opportunity to see the change, by attending programs through their completion, in as much as you are able. 

For group lessons, we do not offer make ups. If a swimmer has to miss a class, no make up will be given. For private and semi private lessons, if a swimmer needs to miss a lesson they will be give a credit. If an instructor misses a private or semi private lesson a make up will be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.

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